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Expert Reviews


“Heat retention was perfect, both times I used for journeys on the go, and drank warm around 1-2 hours after leaving home. It’s a great design, really innovative, neat and easy to use.” 

Angela Pryce, Tea Expert & Consultant

 Tested: Champagne Gold (300ml/9oz)



“Fine teas reveal their elegance in layers. Rock oolongs, for example, respond to short, controlled steeps in small volumes of water. Teasy offers that level of control with greater convenience and a larger volume than a gaiwan. During the three weeks that I relied on this traveler (alas mainly at my desk due to lockdowns) I found it easy to consistently brew late fall oolongs and spring green teas and my latest tea love, aged white. The traveler excels at putting you in control, a big advantage where oversteeping is a common error.”

Dan Bolton, Editor at Tea Journey Magazine

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Tested: Brushed Steel (300ml/9oz)



“I enjoyed testing the Teasy, it was easy to use and brewed several different teas nicely. It is something I would use to make a decent cup of tea in hotels whilst travelling”

Beverly-Claire Wainwright, Artisan Tea Maker at Scottish Tea Factory, UK

Tested: Brushed Steel (300ml/9oz) 




“I really love the design and the look. It's light and sleek and easy to use and wash and clean. At first I wondered if the infuser basket was big enough so I tried brewing a balled oolong and it was fine - the leaf opened right up and brewed very well.”

Jane Pettigrew BEM, Course Director at UK Tea Academy and Author of award-winning “A Social History of Tea”, “Jane Pettigrew’s World of Tea”, named Best Tea Educator at World Tea Expo.

 Tested: Brushed Steel (300ml/9oz) 




“There are plenty of portable tea travel bottles on the market, with and without infusers. They share a general common design: tall and narrow, rather like a beer bottle, glass or double wall insulation and solid strainer/infuser. The Teasy infuser ranks well on these features but adds one that is surprisingly scarce: width versus height. It is much closer to a tea mug than a beer bottle. This makes it both more easy to sip rather than glug and encourages the infusion of a higher quality loose leaf tea, especially oolongs which don’t demand the higher temperature of a black tea.


The infuser has the space for the leaf to expand and the glass reversible top/bottom is a nice added feature for fine-tuning timing and brewing and as a separate stand for the infuser when drinking the tea. Heat retention is good. It’s well constructed – solid, functional and well-balanced. It fits nicely into the hand – “handy” might be a good overall description.


There are a few areas where it could be improved and perhaps this is provided by other Teasy options. The main one is that it is just a little too small to cater for more than a short drink. It falls between the 1 and 2 cup size that can make it a little harder to calculate the amount of leaf needed. Most loose tea lovers think in terms of a one teaspoon measure. Here, some guesswork is needed and careful filling to the right maximum level.


The stainless steel container is very functional but just that. It’s plain and doesn’t offer any color or extra texture.


These are minor points and all in all this is a fine product. A little more size and color would add to it. Its strongest feature is the cup/mug feel rather than the tall bottle. This certainly differentiates it from the many other fine infusers that are all very similar in shape, bamboo lid, non-BPA glass. Few of them add to the drinking experience and are comparable in their focus on making the drink. I have used a number of these and they do their job well. I don’t recall a better option than the Teasy.”


Peter G.W. Keen, Professor and Author of “Tea Tips: A Guide to Finding and Enjoying Tea” and “Heroines of Tea”, named Global Top 100 business thought leader

Tested: Brushed Steel (300ml/9oz)