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Where do you ship to right now?

We currently ship worldwide from the U.K. 

For our estimated delivery times, please take a look at our shipping policy here.

We are looking for distribution partners in North America and Europe, please get in touch with us if you would be interested: 


How does Teasy work?

Our patent-pending design allows you to see the infusion as it steeps, making it incredibly easy to control the infusion strength and taste. Teasy lets you start/stop your infusion by way of tilting or inverting Teasy. The extra-fine tea strainer contained inside Teasy makes it compatible with anything from large whole-leaf varieties down to the small leaf blends. The extra volume inside Teasy glass cap also has enough room for balled Oolong or flower tea to unfurl as it steeps.


What temperature of water can be filled inside Teasy?

Please use water between 0 and 95 degrees celsius (32F - 203F).


Can I make my own tea blend with Teasy?

Yes, absolutely! Teasy gives you the freedom to mix multiple tea blends and natural ingredients in an infusion. You can now make your own custom tea blends at the comfort of your home.


Does Teasy work with cold brew?

Yes, we've had success making cold brew teas - simply switch to use cold water instead of hot water, and adjust the infusion time accordingly.


Does Teasy work with ingredients other than tea?

Yes, we’ve trialed botanicals and variety of other dried natural ingredients to make infusion successfully. 


How do I clean my Teasy?

Please clean all parts of Teasy with warm soapy water by hand and air dry. Tea strainer and silicone sealing ring parts are detachable and can be cleaned using the same method above. Please make sure that silicone ring and tea strainer are refitted properly after cleaning to prevent any spillage.


Download the manual for TEASY infuser here >


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